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My Love for Google Maps

Since I was young, I have always loved looking at maps! I think it was just an easy way to imagine what it was like to travel. Surprisingly, one of the top apps for screen time is Google Maps. That is because I like to write food reviews! They also have an addictive point system that rewards good photos and reviews. You can also pin places you want to go. I have done, so it has caused my map to crash occasionally due to the sheer number of pins on the map.

When it comes to writing reviews, I only really enjoy doing them for restaurants (or any place that has food). The biggest thing about maps is it has the best food places. Its algorithm is insane! Every time we go out, I am always in charge of finding the place to dine. I had an old account, but I wanted to keep it personal, so I made a second one to post it here and to the public.

Not only has it made me a legend in finding food, but I find going to restaurants is also a great way to connect with others and make new friends!

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