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My Letter to the Government of Victoria

I am currently enrolled in a Sociology Class that touches on the topics of "Settler Colonialism and Canadian Society." For this weeks assignment, we were given the opportunity to write a letter about an organization called the Reciprocity Trusts.

They are currently lobbying Victoria city council, asking that 15% of the city’s new development revenue to go directly to the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations (see details below). They are asking residents to write to Mayor and Council.

I strongly believe in doing what's right, so here is my official letter to the Government of Victoria.


Dear Victoria's Members of Council and the Mayor,

I speak on behalf of no but myself, and everything I say is something that I truly believe in.

I am all in for advocating the Reciprocity Trust's request of 15% of the newly assesseddevelopment revenue of the City be given directly to the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for the annual Reconciliation Grant.

As a first-generation citizen of Canada, I have been able to live a prosperous and safe life on these lands. Both my parents are immigrants from Vietnam and decided to move to Canada in hopes of having a better life. I do not deny how fortunate I am to have the freedom of going to school and the opportunity to chase my dreams. My family's source of wealth comes from the businesses they own. To become "richer," requires exploiting others by gaining the most while giving the least. This behaviour can be blamed on the capitalistic and colonialist society we live in today.

My parents being in their mid 40's, have more than enough money to retire, yet they continue to work to support my siblings and I. The saying "the rich get richer" has quite literally been proven right in front of me. With this privilege, I have chosen to study at UVIC in the desire of understanding the world issues around us, and for the future, creating fair solutions for everyone. I extremely dislike the negativity around this topic, and I want things to be fair for everyone. Thus, more is needed to be done for the future of decolonization and reconciliation of Canada. I am not expecting this issue to be resolved instantly. However, I believe that the Reciprocity Trust's request for 15% out of a fraction of the Cities budget is more than reasonable. The Indigenous people and their care for the land are massive reasons for Canada's success. I wish for a world where society can respect the Earth, such as a Mother, like the Indigenous peoples have for millennials.

As a Canadian and the future of this community, this is the next step in reconciliation and to giving back to Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.I hope my thoughts are taken into consideration,

Thank you, Ton


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