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Yes Theory BC

My Summer Time Project
(My Future Dream)

Yes Theory BC’s goal is to work towards bettering our communities, enhancing the well-being of people all around the valley, and improving the environment. 

Many of us were a part of the HSS leadership, where we planned activities we have and events. Through these experiences, we learned how important it was to build human connection and the power of small consistent actions. As my high school journey came to an end, we wanted to continue our impact at a communal level!

We wanted to take the idea of Yes Theory and its community and use it to help with global and local issues. From weekly garbage pickups to helping research programs, we want to use the power of seeking discomfort to impact the world in a positive way. This is provides students and youth with the opportunity to gain volunteer hours.

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Our Achievements

Several Organizations Helped

In the span of only 2 months, we were able to work with our municipal government, non-profit organizations, and businesses around the area.

Created By Students, Supporting Students

Yes Theory BC was entirely operated by students. Setting up meetings, purchasing goods, and the actual events were run by students who wanted to impact! A few adults helped, but at its core, the youth represented.

On the News!

We were featured on the front cover of Houston Today and was able to be aired live on "The Moose FM." The reach of our work was incredible and we appreciated all the love and support.

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