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A Recap: 1st Year of University (so far)

Coming to university was the best decision in my life!

By far the best thing about it is the people. Coming from a small town, it was definitely time for a change. Everyone I have met in Victoria is super friendly and down to Earth. I would 100% recommend living on residence for your first year. I know many people have probably said it, but it saves a lot of time, and the friends you will make will generally be students nearby.

This is pretty obvious, but school is a total bust. I knew it would not be great, but I did not expect it to be that dreadful. The expectation of going into university versus now is hilarious. It is so unrealistic to finish an undergrad in 4 years. Why? Here's a list.

-Do you want a life? Well, having 5+ classes will cause you to study the whole time!

-Going broke. School is just getting more expensive, and I ain't rich.

-It is so demotivating, especially if you hate your classes.

I think the best plan is just to balance your life out. I am not saying to drop our completely or hide in a room and study for 24h. I would take the best of all worlds. I have opted to take 4 classes a semester and a part-time job. Sprinkle in a few clubs. If you can take advantage of work, that may change you to travel in the summer. Find people to study with, too, because that will actually save you from the power of procrastination.

My reasoning for choosing UVic was that I liked the size and location. It is still one of Canada's top universities, with a respectable size and several resources. And if you ask anybody, this place is beautiful. So if you ever are considering coming to study on the island, UVic isn't a bad choice!

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